About Me

I am the principal at Brownington Central School in Brownington, Vermont.
Before that, I was the Principal at Wolcott Elementary School in Wolcott, Vermont.

For more about my past story, please read this post.

I love the energy and tremendous growth of students, the dedication and skill of teachers, and the involvement of parents and community. I love being an educator, and I have a passion for progressive education that includes my core values and more:
  • Do what’s best for children. First we provide an inclusive, nurturing environment. Then we add a rigorous curriculum filled with critical/creative thinking opportunities and connections made through 21st Century Technology.
  • It’s all about relationships. We must extend and earn trust among and between all of the adults and all of the children. Parents are our partners in educating their children.
  • Process and participation matters in decision-making. We can do more together than we can alone, and all members of the school must be afforded the opportunity to become leaders. 
I have been an elementary principal, middle school assistant principal, and middle school social studies teacher for the last 14 years. Through formal observations, walkthroughs, and many conversations with staff and students, I had a strong sense of how much real learning was going on. Working with a teacher on improving student learning was alsways the highlight of my week. As the instructional leader, I am proud of the progress that staff made in adopting a standards-based report card, a greatly increased use of student assessment data to make educational decisions, creation of an RTI system, implementation of a Balanced Literacy program, and so much more.

My passion for progressive education reform extends beyond the school into my work as an Educational Writer and Presenter. Currently, I write for Connected Principals and here about topics such as Education Reform, Leadership Essentials, Parent Involvement, and Standards-based Grading. I have presented on those topics at education conferences nearly every month throughout the school year.