Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

One of the many things that I love about Spofford Pond School is the strong spirit of generosity. In a very short time, our community raised over $2000 to help the people of Haiti begin to rebuild their lives. Our students are proud to decorate a heart after making their donations. All of the hearts are on display in the cafeteria as a reminder to all that the work is not done and that helping those in need is a core value of all good people.

With the spirit of giving, we also need to create a spirit of doing. The student council and the sixth grade are often considering other hands-on community service projects. Hopefully, this spring, we will see the fruits of those considerations. To help the process along, I will begin having a regular meeting with the Student Council Officers. I want to hear from them directly.

If you have any hands-on community service ideas for the students, please email me so that I can share.

Thank you.

- Larry Fliegelman