Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boxford Elementary Schools Handbook

Dear Parents,
The 2009-2010 Boxford Elementary Schools Parent and Student Handbook is available here. You will receive a separate signature sheet on the first day of school. Please review the Handbook online, sign, and return the signature page as soon as you can.
I am particularly proud of the new Spofford Pond Code of Conduct. A team of staff members and I worked to create a Positive Behavioral Intervention System. Our approach combines the clarity and simplicity of having four main rules from which all student behavior can flow. The four BEs are:
1. Be Responsible: Follow directions, stay in assigned area.
2. Be Safe: Walking at all times, keep hands, feet, body parts and other objects to yourself.
3. Be Respectful: Use active listening. No bullying, harassment, put downs, teasing, foul language or vandalism of property.
4. Be Considerate: Use appropriate voice volume indoors, keep all areas of the school clean, and do not talk while others are talking.
With the consistency of this school-wide approach, student behavior can be addressed quickly and fairly.
Thank you very much.