Saturday, June 12, 2010

Organization: Evernote for notes everywhere (day 12)

I love Evernote. There I said it.

I use Evernote to take notes on a zillion different topics. I store scanned files. I get it from my computer, my iPhone, or any web browser.

Evernote is one of those tools that have become indispensable for my as a principal. There are other programs that do all sorts of things better than Evernote, but I have not found one that does the same combination. For example, I love that way that Microsoft OneNote works - very cool way to organize all sorts of info. However, I could not find a way to have OneNote on my iPhone. Evernote is there. I am eager to see the organizational structure of my notes and important people like I’ve done with PersonalBrain, but again, can’t take it with me.

Anyway, I have used Evernote for a couple of years now and am very pleased. My main notebooks are: !School (exclamation point puts on the top of the list), Archive (general and more that two years old), Clips (temporary storage of emailed items or those sent from web browser), FY09, FY10 (no longer needed items from this year), Personal, Principal Ideas (websites, tidbits, etc about leadership), Receipts (from the web), Staff, Students.

Each notebook is filled with notes of all sorts. Recent updates to the iPhone software allow me to edit on the phone, but with some restrictions.

The bottom line is that Evernote has proven to be a valuable tool in keeping track of large amounts of data.

Day 12 of my month of blog-a-day (Spilling Ink 18 remaining.