Friday, June 25, 2010

What are you going to do? (# 21)

Last year, the art teacher made this sign for me to hang in the office at school. I've been thinking of writing about it for a while now. Fortunately, weblogg-ed writer Will Richardson beat me to it the other day when he published this:

The idea is the same: when someone presents me with a problem such as "Billy will just not stop talking in class. He is always blurting." I answer with something like: "Oh, that can be difficult for the class. What are you thinking about doing?"

Some teachers love this response because they were only looking for a sympathetic ear or someone to listen to an idea. Others, of course, seem to want to transfer the problem as quickly as possible.

Anyway, we put the sign in the main office where staff could see it, but not parents. One of the secretaries has come to love the saying and has found subtle ways to use it when folks come complain to her.

Day 21 of my month of blog-a-day (Spilling Ink 9 remaining.