Monday, July 5, 2010

Spilling Ink Challenge: A Failure?

I think not. I did not fail. It is true that I did not make the goal of writing one post per day during the month of June. I know that the other two principals who tried, Melinda Miller and Jessica Johnson, also came up short.

That said, I see that we all came out ahead by posting far more than any of us had recently posted.

For me, the challenge was successful because I finally started using my blog for posting my opinion about education issues. Prior to the Challenge, I had only posted opinion pieces five other times. I have a few article ideas that I didn't get to during the challenge so I hope to be blogging more often now.

I never did read the book called Spilling Ink. I did not meet the technical terms of the challenge. I did not fail. I succeeded because I blogged more. I succeeded because I will blog more.

Thanks for reading.