Sunday, December 5, 2010

EdCamp NYC, Fliegs' Index*

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Yesterday, I attended EdCampNYC with a couple hundred passionate educators mostly from the metropolitan New York area. Since I used to read Harper's Magazine and loved the Index most of all, I thought this would be an awesome (or lazy, you decide) way to fill you all in.

The Fliegs' Index

Miles Driven: ~500
Hours away from home: 34
Members of my PLN I met face to face for the first time: 9 **
Members of my PLN I met face-to-face for the second time: 1 ***
Cool people I met who were not going to EdCamp: 1 ****
New people added to my PLN: at least 15
Hours spent with Dan Callahan: 33 (including time asleep)
Hours sleeping: 4.5
Hours talking education: 27 ʶ
Glasses of wine consumed at the Club602Camp pre-gathering: classified °
Things to think about: 30 hundred ʶʶ
Intriguing ideas added to my file for future reference: 31 hundred
Sessions attended as participant: 2 ⁺
Sessions planned before arriving in NYC: 1 ⁺⁺
Sessions planned during the 20 minutes prior to the session: 1 ⁺⁺⁺
Number of beer runs completed by thenerdyteacher during lunch: 1
Number of people who shared thenerdyteacher's beer: 6
Number of people who shared thenerdyteacher's oxtail: 0

* with apologies to Harper's Magazine
**** Kate
ʶ Really
° Lisa is an amazing host. Thank you.
ʶʶ Number provided by 5-year old daughter
⁺ Standards-Based Grading: A Better System w/ @arosey@fnoschese@21stcenturychem and Things that Suck w/ Dan Callahan 
⁺ Ed Reform: A Call to Action
⁺⁺⁺ Talk Back to Administrators! w/ Lyn Hilt
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