Monday, January 31, 2011

14 in February Blogging Challenge (#14inFeb)

So, I got back from Educon last night, and I started thinking that I need to rev up my blogging engine again.

You see, while at Educon, the topic of blogging came up in at least two of the sessions that I attended. In both cases folks were talking about how to get more administrators to blog and be involved in online education discussions.

I mentioned that I have drafts of many blog posts already started, but that I am waiting for more fully formed writing before I publish. The consensus in the rooms was that I, and others, should publish now and not worry about our outdated print publication standards. Blog. Blog now and often the teachers and administrators were saying. Blog to share ideas; blog to develop ideas; blog to communicate vision, blog to engage the community. Blog.

So, I remembered back to June 2010 and the Spilling Ink Challenge. I have now created the
14 in February Blogging Challenge 
for any educator (or really anyone who might read this).

Since February 14 is an easily remembered day (except for at least half the men I know), I figure that number will do.

Create and share 14 Blog Posts in February. Write about your school/classroom, education reform, cool resources you've used, neato gadgets you have or covet, or whatever is on your mind. When you do, send out a tweet with the hashtag #14inFeb and add a comment here with a link to your blog.

I am especially challenging Melinda Miller and Jessica Johnson to blog with me again like we did in June.

And for crying out loud, help all the men in your life to remember the number 14 in February.