Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Great Questions for Library/Tech Integration (#tlchat)

A sign leading to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fact...Image via WikipediaA few days ago, it became clear that I would be searching for a combination Library Media and Technology Integration Specialist for my new school. We use for all applications, and I considered adding a short essay question to the application. But what to ask?

PLN to the rescue. I sent out the following tweet:
If you could ask a Lib Media/Tech Integration candidate 1 Q, what would it be?
Right away, Dan Callahan (dancallahan), my former limo service client, retweeted my request. In short order, I started receiving great questions.

Without further ado, here is the list of questions (in the order received):

  1. What is the difference between a librarian and a library media specialist?
  2. What's your definition of tech integration?
  3. What activities do envision to support critical thinking skills? How will you enable student presentations, curation, info eval.?
  4. Tell us how you plan to support free choice reading and book discovery in all formats?
  5. How do you plan to involve students in the working of the library? In collection development? How will you model wondering?
  6. What are some online tools you like or plan to try? Do you know of good sources for copyright-friendly images, music?
  7. How will you promote booktalks, discussions? What kind of personal learning do you seek, outside of system offerings?
  8. What is the purpose of a library; how would you implement & advance this purpose?
  9. Explain how the ever changing landscape of info has changed the role of research, and where does lib fit in.
  10. What is your strategy in getting reluctant faculty to collaborate with you?
  11. What's the one thing people get wrong about you?
  12. Explain roles/relationship of library-media and tech-integrator so they are cooperating roles instead of opposing roles.
  13. How would you define transliteracy, creative commons, & the mixup mashup culture?

I'd like to thank the following folks for their suggestions.

BTW, if you are interested and qualified, I might be able to arrange for you to be paid in Ben & Jerry's ice cream instead of money.