Monday, September 5, 2011

Mrs. ABC, Really.

My guest blogger has started school for the first time. She didn't go to kindergarten so first grade is her first school experience.

Maya's teacher is known as Mrs. ABC. Really. Those are her initials.

Since my guest blogger did not feel like writing (too busy playing with her brother in her fort), I interviewed her instead.

How was the start of school?
Good. Very, very, very, very good.

Because it is.

What do you like best about school so far?
Silent reading. My reading nook is by the moon table and rainbow silk, but we can't go under the table.

Do you like your teacher?
Mrs. ABC is very nice.

Tell me about the bus.
I always sit by myself because I like to.

Do you know the names of the other kids in your class?
I am friends with two girls. I know the names of a couple of boys even though I am not friends with them because the teacher talks to them a lot because they are being naughty.

Did you have any assemblies yet?
Yes. We had a community gathering. It was confusing. The principal talked about community gatherings. Different people sang songs that I never heard. We sat on the floor on gym mats. The mats had lots of cracks. There was lots of dirt in the cracks.

Any final words?
I'm really anxious to get back to school because I really like it so much.

There you have it. The real view from the first few days of first grade. I am sure that Mrs. ABC is teaching far more than silent reading, but getting my guest to talk about anything else has proved to be next to impossible. Of course, there have only been three days so far. There is much time left to learn lots more.

First image from flickr user cannellfan

Second image from my iPhone on a grey day

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