Sunday, June 24, 2012

#Summerblog12 Another Blogging Challenge

Here we go again; another blogging challenge. This time Bill Carozza gets credit for getting us started,

"I have a goal beginning July 1…two blog posts a week. Anyone up for that challenge?"

In related news, @Principalj is right, I have thrown her and @mmiller7571 under the bus for other blogging challenges. In some crazy way, it is my way of thanking them for giving me so many good ideas and motivation during the last few years. Here is how @principalj started her challenge:

Included for no good reason.

2012 Summer Blogging Challenge


Bill Carozza (@wcarozza) over at "Principal Reflections" snuck in a blog challenge in his post "5 Reasons Educators Should Blog." Then my twitter friend @fliegs threw @mmiller7571 and I under the bus in a tweet to get us in on the challenge (now that I think about it, I think he has done this to us every year!) I have a hard time saying no to anything so I'm in (even if it means that this first post is this simple--it is also my first attempt at using the blogger app on my iPad, so I have no idea what it will look like and have found I can't add any links into my post.)

Now I'm off to start thinking of my next blog post...
So who wants to join us? Only 2 posts a week, come on we can all commit to at least 2.

So, after very little blogging since early February, I am back. I will start now, instead of waiting until July 1. I've got several topics and started posts waiting to be written. Check back soon.



P.S. The image has nothing to do with the post. I include only because my daughter made the sign last week for her first sleepover at our house.