Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Ten Benefits to Being A Teaching Principal #edchat #vted

During the summer, I described my plans to become a teaching principal here, here, here, and here. Back in July, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I knew teaching again would be a good thing.

Boy, was I right.

Even though the principalship is an extraordinarily busy job, I love spending time each day with the sixth graders. It helps, of course, that they are a great group of kids who are willing to try out new ideas and usually laugh at my bad jokes.

Teaching this year has, so far, come with some benefits other than my spending time with students. Here is my top ten list of benefits to being a teaching principal:

10. Productive time with children.

9. I get to grade papers (no, really).

8. Gets me out of the office.

7. I get first hand knowledge/frustration with outdated report card system. (I've got to talk to the administrations about this).

6. Frees up a teacher for that hour so she can help some kids learn to read.

5. Forces me to practice what I preach (tech infused, SBG*, student choice, relevant, meaningful, etc).

4. It is not all about student discipline (most days).

3. I get to know just how good some paraprofessionals can be.

2. I am seen as more than just "administration."

And, the number one benefit to being a teaching principal...

1. I love to teach!


So, there you have it. The top ten benefits to being a teaching principal.


P.S. I could not find attribution for the image of the teacher at the top. However, I thought a few points to consider about that image were in order. First, as a teacher, I don't have a desk; I use someone else's classroom. Second, I use Standards Based Grading (*SBG), not letter grades, except on the report card itself, but that is another story. Third, I have five fingers on each hand. Fourth, I have not received an apple from any students this year. Fifth, I have a nose and, often, the same blank stare. Finally, I just recently bought a shirt the same purple, but mine is called French Lilac.