Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1st Grade Writing. Only a Little Snow! (#14inFeb)

Writer L. Frank Baum, writing with pen.Image via WikipediaI am still plugging away on the writing project with local first graders. Although with snow days almost every week since mid December, the timing is all off.

I met with Mrs. Smith's group earlier today for the first time a couple of weeks. It was nice to see that we really have been making progress. Some of the group is about ready to type their writing. Others are making slow progress.

I am still getting used to dealing with first grade bounciness. Today I tried to ignore some of the silly behavior as long as the student was still focusing some. IT worked for a while. John, who was the silliest turned out to be the farthest along in his writing. He also did a great job listening to direct feedback about his writing. He understood that he had to revise to make it better and fix the spelling errors. Mary also did ok with editing. She caught some of her mistakes while we read her work together, but had missed them when reading alone.

Here is more details about today's work:
  • John, Mary, and Sally are all finished a first draft of their section of the book (really a section is a paragraph). I have started editing with them.
  • Next week, John, Mary, and Sally will be able to type their sections to be ready for publishing.
  • Steve, who missed some weeks earlier, is almost caught up to John, Mary, and Sally.
  • Danny is writing tons, but needs constant reminders to stick to his topic and not get too creative (it is non-fiction after all).
  • Jane is still very carefully plodding through writing out each of her sentences. Mrs. Smith concurs that Jane works very slowly and carefully.
  • The big question this week was what is going on with Susan. She was almost somber today. She hardly seemed to understand what to do. Susan showed no interest in following Mary's lead like she had previously. Mrs. Smith confirmed that there is something going on and will call mom.