Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 Most popular posts of 2010 (#14in Feb)

So, here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for:

The Principal's Point of View 6 Most Popular Posts of 2010 (as counted by pageviews). These are listed in order, but I no longer have the count for each post.

Guskey and Grading: Lots to Think About Mar 21, 2010
Still popular, this post followed my attendance at a conference where Thomas Guskey spoke about grading and reporting practices. He gave the team from my school a whole new perspective on our style of grading and reporting. Since we already were using a standards-based report card, we focused mostly on the use of zero, percentages, and those compliance items like attendance, participation, behavior in our grades. I am pleased that this post has remained popular as Guskey's work has had a large impact on my thinking.
Inform, Invite, Perform (and Feed): A Plan to Increase Aug 6, 2010
While preparing for a job interview where I knew that parental involvement was going to be a topic, I came up with "Inform, Invite, Perform" as a way to frame questions about involvement. While at the interview, I mentioned the phrase and made a joke about it being the title of my next book or blog post. Well, once I said that I had to write the blog post and flesh out the ideas. I guess that it worked as I became a finalist.
Principal-at-large Or, The Once and Future Principal Oct 6, 2010
By October, it became clear that I was not going to find a principal position for the current school year. This post tells that story and what my plans are for the year. I will write an update post sometime soon.
My EdCampKC Resources Nov 7, 2010
I loved leading a session at my first edcamp, EdCampKC (that's Missouri, folks). Part of the coolness of an unconference is sharing, so I shared. I guess a bunch of people were interested in seeing what I prepared for the session on education reform. I have since revised the presentation and used the other items for EdCampNYC. Take a look, you might find something interesting.
Can't you just follow your passions on the weekend? Dec 15, 2010
Passion was a hot topic among educators in December. I jumped on the bandwagon when I overheard part of a conversation while sitting in a coffee shop. It was the right topic at the right time, as I got several comments. Also, I found a really cool picture of a passion flower.
Forget Value Added Assessment of Teachers - Just Use Snow Dec 27, 2010