Monday, February 14, 2011

#14inFeb Blogging Challenge Update

Well, here we are: the 14 in February Blogging Challenge at the halfway point, February 14.

First some important business, there were no reminders to get ready for valentine's day. I am disappointed in you all; I thought my hints in the first 14inFeb post would generate at least one remnder. Just so you know, I did not forget. I made something for my wife, and she loved it. So there.

Now down to the real reason I am writing this blog post. I figured today was a perfect time for an update on the 14inFeb challenge.

On February 1, only one day after announcing the challenge, I mentioned that eleven people said they would participate. As of today, I count fifteen bloggers. I have listed their names with a link to their blog. There is a pretty wide variety of Educators here; we have some teachers and some administrators. One blogger here has already reached fourteen posts - I hope she keeps on blogging. Some others are not necessarily on pace to reach fourteen. Who really cares, as long as I get to read more education blogs. So, I resisted the urge to count the number of posts that each has in order to keep this from becoming competitive.

Some bloggers who said they will (or might) participate

I have had a blast reading what these folks have to say. I have e-met several new folks and even feel like I am becoming e-friends with one.

In fact, the 14 in February Blogging Challenge feels so successful that I am already planning the March follow up.

Happy Valentine's Day.