Monday, January 23, 2012

EduCon Again

In a few days, I am going to EduCon in Philadelphia. I am excited to attend this gathering of educators for a weekend of discussion of education politics, pedagogy, distributed leadership, and where to have dinner (more on that later).

Last year, when I attended EduCon for the first time, I was in a strange place in my life (for more on this, see this post). I let myself get psyched out. I didn't engage in the discussions in the way that I usually like to. I'd been accepted to present at Hacienda, but dropped out a few days prior. Since I was in between, I had trouble enjoying the learning.

These are the sessions that I attended:
1. Reimagining Leadership
2. District, School and Classroom Structures to Support Learning
3. Diversifying Your Rolodex
4. A Call for Action. How do we get more "Connected Principals"
5. Rubric for School Innovation: Assessing Your 21C School (seemed like a commercial so I left)
5a. Ctrl+Alt+PD:Shifting School Culture with Technology and Collaborative Professional Development

The highlights last year were purely social. I drove down from Massachusetts and roomed with Dan C. I enjoyed talking to PLN folks that I’d met at other events. I enjoyed meeting many others for the first time. I always love talking to students so that was cool. The only social downside was letting George C. choose the restaurant on Friday night (Applebee's, really).

This year, my story is so very different. I am "back in the saddle" as a principal. I am more focused. I am flying from Vermont instead of driving. I am, again, rooming with Dan C.

I have only glanced at the schedule of conversations so I will have to choose at the last minute. I am eager to go. I am eager to have fun and learn tons. I am eager for EduCon again.