Monday, January 9, 2012

Reading is Soooo Cute. A guest post.

My guest blogger, and favorite daughter, is back. This time she asked to write about reading. I typed and gave only the slightest prompting and editing.

I Love Reading by Maya Fliegelman
"I like to read. I am reading Maggie and Max, a fun book. It is Puppy Place book. It is my homework book from school. Mrs. ABC didn't tell me to read it over the weekend. I read it over the weekend because I wanted to. Rebecca is my friend. She is reading it also.

Maggie is a dog who has black and white fur. Max is a cat. He has black and white fur also. Maggie and Max stay together. When we first saw them, they were at the shelter. Later they were at Charles and Lizzie's house. Maggie got out of the box that they were in first. A little bit after that, Max got out. Max got stuck in Charles and Lizzie's Christmas tree. Maggie helped him get down. I am probably going to finish Maggie and Max soon.

Some other Puppy Place books that I have read are Max and Flash. Some Kitten Place books that I've read are Sky and Star. Star is soooo cute. Sky is very cute, too.

I love reading to myself if my brother, Manny, doesn't interrupt me."

Some day, I am sure, Mrs. ABC will have Maya branch out to other genres. For now, I should be happy that she is reading and loving it.

Oh, one more thing, I think that Maya is soooo cute.