Thursday, March 31, 2011

Innovation Instruction not Technology (#idesmar)

A few weeks ago, George Couros wrote a good article called "Innovation Instruction."

This is not about the tool, it is about learning.  The tool is just the medium we are using at the time.  I am doing my best to use the term “innovative instruction” (thanks Alec) when talking about what works best for our students.  This could mean using a pencil, a computer, a brush, your hands, whatever, but focuses on innovative ways for students to learn.
Let’s just ensure that there is a balance of tools we are using, and just focus on what best meets the needs of our students.
Are we there yet?

Like most good bloggers, he finishes with a thought provoking question. Are we there yet? From what I have seen in most classrooms, no we are not. Of course every teacher I know is somewhere on the path. There are those who are innovating with exciting technology and others who are innovating without new tools.

So many in my PLN and the edutwitterverse seem convinced that the only path forward is through technology. Me, I'm not as certain.

I like George's shift in focus to "innovative instruction." Starting today, I will make the same shift.

Are we there yet? 

Not sure, but we're on the way.