Thursday, March 31, 2011

Publish on Paper!? (#idesmar)

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be publishing the first grade writing project after printing, the chapters.

What, did I say printing? On paper? How 20th Century! Humph!

I still like paper even if I use the stuff very sparingly. Paper books have a feel that electronics books do not. Paper is much easier for many first graders. Like it or not, we are not post-paper yet.

There is another reason. I am creating this book with the kids as a volunteer in the local public school. This is not my place. This school has lots of information on its website, but no other examples of student work. This is not a digital school.

Hold on, I am supposed to be a 21st Century connected principal, aren't I? Here is my plan. Once the book is published, I will digitize it. Then, I will talk with the teacher and the principal about putting it online. I will show them how easy it is to do and to share with the parents. I think they will love it.

Stay tuned for digital publication information.

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